You’ve already picked yourself back up after failure, set-backs or loss, you’ve come so far…but you want to go further. 

You want more…

You’re not going to let anything squash your dreams anymore or keep you playing small. 

You’re ready to start living up to your potential. 




I work with extraordinary women who want actionable, results driven, coaching that focuses on building confidence and changing circumstances.


·        Discover what you REALLY want in life. What actually makes you tick, what makes you happy and learn how to DO more of that!


·        Find inspiration and improve your mindset – CREATE the best version of yourself.


·        BUILD a business that lights you up and creates financial independence…or…redesign your career path, with a fresh and action driven approach!


·        BE a source of inspiration for your family, children, friends and community.


·        Live a LIFE you are PROUD of.








Why Work With Me:

I am an Entrepreneur, Certified Coach, Published Author and Business Mentor

  • Due to a lifelong love of learning I am degree educated and have completed several coaching qualifications with specialisms in positive psychology and transformation coaching including Tony Robbins strategic intervention methods.


  • After setting myself the challenge to (finally!) write a book I went on to have two fiction novels published in the USA during 2016/2017…more to follow!


  • I have been a Huffington Post contributor since 2014.


  • I am an Enterprise Mentor with the Prince’s Trust, working with young people to launch a new generation of entrepreneurs!

I can walk my talk…

Not only have I been to rock bottom…I have also climbed back out. After the stillbirth of my son when I was only 21, suffering PTSD and failing by every modern standard imaginable, I took a very long and winding path to where I am today – a successful entrepreneur (with a 6 figure family media business and freelance career), an Author, Mother and Wife who loves travel, has lived abroad and enjoys a positive and stable mind-set.

I genuinely care…

I don’t do this work for shit and giggles – I believe we’re all capable of achieving the things we want in life, we don’t have to live in mediocrity, we are not trapped in one place and we do not have to simply settle for the path in front of us.

I want you to have the life you see in your dreams– whether that is going freelance and moving your family to Bali (or sunny Spain like we did), building a wildly successful and scalable physical business, writing a book or coaching the next generation of skydiving dog walkers (…maybe not but you get my point!).

We will figure out what you want…and then we will make it happen.

Getting what you want isn’t always easy, or quick. If you want a friendly, funny, BS free, approach then I am definitely the girl for you – I will be your greatest supporter, partner and sounding board. We will work tirelessly to ensure you stay on track and make progress without overcomplicating the hell out of things or wasting time on unnecessary fluff.



  • We'RE GOING TO build stronger inner foundations and create a brand new mind-set. You’ll be super confident in yourself and your ability to create massive change - 100% focused on creating a business and beautiful lifestyle.


  • We explore your potential passions, narrow your focus and get real on your future business/career plan to make it come to life. 


  • We work on your self-image, your confidence, your happiness and your self-worth, so you believe in your dreams and DEVELOP a healthier respect for yourself. 


  • I teach you how to visualise your ideal future, how to use your mind and emotions to stay on the right path – until you really start to believe what is possible you won’t understand what you can achieve!


  • You get structured sessions DELIVERED in a way to suit you - with regular feedback, personal tips, advice and tools that deliver major impact for fast results.


  • You get my resources and knowledge gained from accredited courses, my own financial investments and studying personal development industry leaders.


  • you get a ton of 1:1 support and motivation from someone with the knowledge and expertise to help turn your dreams into achievable goals.


Business Training

I'll help you to master the technical aspect of setting up your new business. Designs tools, a monster list of resources, years of copywriting expertise, software advice, sales funnels, building email lists and Facebook ads, Instagram training…!

Whether your business is online or physical ‘bricks n mortar’(i have EXPERIENCE in both!) – this information will help you hit the ground running. 



-It’s a 3 month 1:1 program

- 1 private 60 minute coaching call a week with me via skype/phone/email/carrier pigeon (whatever works best for you – including face to face in the nicest café/bar location if you’re near York, UK)

- Detailed work notes by email following each session to stay on track and focused

- Unlimited private messaging and email support Mon-Fri 9-5 throughout the four month period. This is so valuable – it’s like dial-a-coach whenever you need me or have a question.

I don’t run group programs because the truth is while I have participated in them myself, as an introvert by nature, I believe the best results come from genuine 1:1 interaction. 

that is where the magic of transformation happens.

We will laugh, break through barriers, set new habits, make some remarkable realisations, maybe even cry a bit but the journey will be awesome and it will be all yours. 


**It's just £1,500**

(or 3x payments of £500.00) 




Got questions? Email me with whatever is on your mind and I will personally get back to you.